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Check out these selected samples of ReSouled’s most popular tracks…

1. Everyday Struggles
2. Bout Time
3. Cliche
4. Downer
5. Bad Guy

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Jamison’s versatility innately creates a new blend of his favorite genres and as a result, places him in a category all by himself. Even though he is influenced by blues, folk, funk, soul and even country; hip-hop is always there as the most powerful muse, which is why there are often elements of hip-hop floating just beneath the surface of every project, “I sing R&B, but I do it with a hip-hop heart.”

With a resonating voice and inventive songwriting, Jamison’s smooth baritone sound superbly captures the emotions behind his lyrics with the intention of inspiring the listener. “I’m all about joy, spreading it and seeking it. If my music genuinely improves someone’s mood for a couple minutes, I’ve accomplished my goal. A person in a positive state of mind is a force to be reckoned with. I would love it if my music assisted in creaing that state of mind.”

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