Get ready to experience the return of true SOUL music.

Jamison is revitalizing the genre with his unique sound that has critics & fans raving…

…and for a limited time, you can download “Only Sunshine,” Jamison’s own re-imagining of Bill Wither’s classic “Ain’t No Sunshine” absolutely free!

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Check out praise for Jamison’s first full-length album, “ReSouled


CREATIVE LOAFING - “ReSouled offers a mesmerizing ebb and flow that goes from slinky to upbeat. Jamison doesn’t look anything like he sounds and should appeal to fans of Aloe Blacc and Anthony Hamilton. Praise to Re-Souled for ushering in a new era of indie soul.”

SCRATCHTHEBLOCK.COM -“Jamison is the kind of artist that grabs your attention with his soulful baritone vocal skills and then strikes softly your soul, conquering you definitely. Imagine a fusion between Anthony Hamilton and Jose James: this is Jamison!”

“Indeed it is “Bout Time” we heard your voice more often. What a lovely song Jamison. I think you have a wonderful voice. Proceed to the stars…”  – T.M. via

“Very soulful and smooth… the beat!” - AJohnson60 via

“LOVE THIS!!!”theruleyone via

“Nice…sounds like Anthony Hamilton!”t4everaries321 via

With a resonating voice and inventive songwriting, Jamison breaks down the preconceived notion of what a typical R&B/Soul singer should be. His smooth baritone voice superbly captures the emotions behind his lyrics with the intention of inspiring the listener. “I’m all about joy, spreading it and seeking it. If my music genuinely improves someone’s mood for a couple minutes, I’ve accomplished my goal. A person in a positive state of mind is a force to be reckoned with. I would love it if my music assisted in creating that state of mind.”

Jamison’s versatility innately creates a new blend of his favorite genres and as a result, places him in a category all by himself. Even though he is influenced by blues, folk, funk, soul and even country; hip-hop is always there as the most powerful muse which is why, there are often elements of hip-hop floating just beneath the surface of every project, “I sing R&B, but I do it with a hip-hop heart.”

For a limited time, Jamison is giving away a free copy “Only Sunshine,” his original take of the Bill Wither’s classic, “Ain’t No Sunshine.” Just enter your name and email address to the right hand side of this page and you will instantly be sent the download link for your free track.

So, again, enter your name and email address, pop in your ear buds, and strap in for an R&B experience like none other. Jamison is soul for real.